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Congratulations on Entering Into the World of Politics!
Don't Let the Media Take Your Focus

Your upcoming race is going to require all of your focus on the issues and those who are possibly going to vote for you.

The one thing you don’t need to worry about is the media. We are talking bumper stickers, billboards, Newspaper, Radio, Television, and Digital.

Who do you buy? Cable? Broadcast? Digital?

There are a lot of decisions to be made. That’s where we come in. We are the experts in Political branding and marketing, so you can focus on your race.

We take all of these decisions off of your plate, put your campaign together, and take care of all of the media buys and all of the production. 

Now You Have Time to:

Audio & Video Production for Political Candidates

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Creative Media of KY - Political Advertising
Play Video about Creative Media of KY - Political Advertising
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TV, Radio, Newspaper, Billboard, and Digital Advertising

TV Advertising

Creative Media of KY - TV Advertising

What do you buy? Who do you buy? What is your message? Those are the questions we help you answer, and develop a plan that will get you in front of your voters.

Radio Advertising

Is radio still effective for political advertising? YES! We will produce and place your ads where your voters are listening. The price to advertise on radio has proven to get your message across with little budget.

Newspaper Advertising

Newspaper Advertising for Political Candidates

I know what you are thinking, but yes, Newspaper is still a valuable place to place ads. With the right headline and message, your newspaper ads can build awareness where you need it most.

Digital Marketing

Political website design

Build your online political base with a website designed to build trust and earn voters. Accept donations on your website, post news on your campaign, showcase your latest videos, grow an email list of your supporters and much more! Build your online presence with Social Media and Display advertising.

Direct Mail Marketing

Political Direct Mail

Reach every voter in your area with Every Door Direct Mail. We will help design your direct mail and send it out to the zip codes you want to saturate. The time to get started is now!

Political Print and Promotional Materials

Political Yard Signs

Creative Media of KY - Political Yard Signs

Political Bumper Stickers

Direct Mail

Political Cards and Brochures